Full Name
Erkin Otles
University of Michigan
Erkin Ötleş’ mission is to advance health by harnessing the power of data. His work is in the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and medicine, with specific research interests spanning clinical informatics, machine learning, and operations research. Erkin is a seventh-year Medical Scientist Training Program Fellow (MD-PhD student) at the University of Michigan. His doctoral research focused on creating AI tools for patients, physicians, and health systems. He has led work across the AI lifecycle with projects advancing from development to validation, technical integration, and workflow implementation. Erkin was co-advised by Dr. Brian Denton (Industrial and Operations Engineering) and Dr. Jenna Wiens (Computer Science and Engineering). Additionally, Erkin is interested in incorporating education about AI tools into undergraduate medical curricula. He has a professional background in health IT development, having worked at Epic, and holds a Master’s of Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. After completion of his MD-PhD training, he plans on pursuing residency training.
Erkin Otles