Full Name
Poh-sun Goh
Associate Professor
National University of Singapore
Speaker Bio
Associate Professor and Senior Consultant, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, National University of Singapore and National University Hospital
and Associate Member, Centre for Medical Education, NUS

Poh-Sun (MBBS(Melb) 1987, FRCR 1993, FAMS 1998, MHPE(Maastricht) 2012 and FAMEE 2017) practices on the clinician educator tract (80/20 time allocation clinical/education) augmenting his education and training time allocation with technology, and regular cumulative early morning focused scholarly efforts, spent developing and evaluating the use of open access online digital repositories in clinical training, and medical education faculty development, under a mastery training and deliberate practice framework. He focuses his efforts on the challenge of transfer to practice, in the widest possible settings, through use of reusable comprehensive digital content, iterative low cost proof of concept implementation combined with collaborations and partnerships to scale, all anchored on a solid foundation of theory and evidence.
Poh-sun Goh