FS: Integrating Technology into Education: From the Big Auditorium to the Bedside
Date & Time
Monday, June 14, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Even before COVID, technology was expanding at an exponential rate and completely changing the educational landscape. Digital natives now integrate technology into every facet of their lives. In 2007, the AAMC called for integration of technology in teaching with its publication Effective Use of Educational Technology in Medical Education. Since then, several other publications have echoed the call for "disruptive innovations" and integrating technology. We know that we must adopt these new paradigms to meet the demands of our learners. Unfortunately, the mind is willing, but the tech skills are weak. Many educators fall short in translating the principles of active learning and educational technologies into actual teaching. Our learners have called for a revolution. We must meet them at the point of learning in new ways, directly integrating educational technologies, to meet this call. The purpose of this focus session will be to discuss core educational technologies and principles and become familiar with these tools. Participants will begin to practice the tech skills that will help them meet the disruptive call for change. Participants will focus on a specific technology (whiteboard apps, presentation apps, and learning management systems). We will then share our brainstorming work, discuss common themes, and discuss barriers and ways to overcome them.

Session objectives:

  1. Discuss the call and the need for integrating technology into medical education
  2. Demonstrate at least 1 method to enhance virtual presentations with technology
  3. Demonstrate at least 1 method to (safely and with social distance) enhance bedside teaching with technology
  4. Demonstrate at least 1 method to utilize learning management systems to facilitate asynchronous learning
  5. Discuss common barriers to continued integration of technology and ways to overcome them
Malford Pillow