FS: Technology in Health Sciences Education during COVID-19: Gains, Loses, and Transformations
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The COVID-19 Pandemic fundamentally transformed health sciences overnight. Students were removed from clinics, lectures and labs were moved online, basic science faculty were learning how to use technology to teach remotely, and clinical faculty were trying to balance working in a pandemic while teaching. Technology provided a way to keep students learning and engaged. This focus session will address the following questions: What did we gain by using technology? What was lost in the transition to remote learning? What has fundamentally changed by using technology? What does the future look like after the pandemic clears? During this session, we will discuss these questions in large and small groups to determine the commonalities between different colleges, the differences, and what takeaways all schools can use. These takeaways may fall in the following categories: technology tools, technology implementation, faculty development, student success, and policy changes. 

Session Objectives:

  1. Identify key gains through increasing technology use during COVID-19
  2. Identify key loses through increasing technology use during COVID-19  
  3. Discuss the fundamental changes that using technology has had on these current students and future health profession students.  
  4. Produce a list of common best practices for using technology both during and after COVID-19  
  5. Compile a list of technology tools that may help colleges working through COVID-19  
  6. Outline potential training opportunities for faculty to help with the transition to technology enhanced education. 
Poh-sun Goh Sol Roberts-Lieb