Poster Discussion with Q&A
Date & Time
Friday, June 18, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Breakout room 1:

134 - Mounting change - Restructuring undergraduate pathology pedagogy in an online environment
Ritcha Saxena
144 - Going Virtual Overnight - The Establishment and Success of a Virtual Pathology Elective at Loyola Pathology
Brandon Zelman
149 - Roles of Teaching Assistants in Histology and Pathology courses during Pandemic-induced Remote Model Curriculum
Olalekan Ogunsakin
136 - Assessing competency with virtual dermatopathology: comparing the diagnostic accuracy between glass slides, whole slide images and static digital images
Maryknoll Palisoc
145 - Tumor Board Program
Priti Patel
138 - The New Normal: Clinico-Pathological Zoom Sessions During the Pandemic
Tipsuda Junsanto-Bahri

Breakout Room 2:

147 - Virtual clinical pathology electives during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Formats and Student Feedback
Christina Shreve
132 - Learning Outcomes of Online and In-person Pathology Education
Jing Meng
142 - The Effect of COVID-19 on Medical Student Confidence in Clinical Settings
Vincent Torelli
148 - Distance Learning due to COVID-19 Pandemic During Clinical Years of Medical School
Iqra Kazi
137 - Reform and Innovation for pathology teaching under COVID-19 epidemic situation
Qiu Ying
146 - Students Supporting Students - The Peer Tutoring Program
Ave Spencer