Learning Analytics Across the Spectrum of Medical Education
Date & Time
Sunday, June 13, 2021, 1:45 PM - 4:45 PM

PURPOSE Learning analytics (LA) is the measurement and analysis of data about learners for purposes of understanding and improving learning. Scholars outside of medical education have used LA for years; however, medicine has been slower to embrace these techniques. Medical education lags behind other fields because of implementation challenges, ethical/privacy issues, and lack of awareness of the benefits of LA. In an era of increasing competition for residency positions, tracking and supporting the path of learners is especially important. This session uses an online workshop method, utilizing case studies to explicate the statistical techniques and describing implementation obstacles and successes, alternating with small group work. Three researchers will present case studies on the use of LA in their institutions, from admissions to UME and GME, explaining the fundamental methodologies used in creating their LA systems. They will describe how LA can be leveraged to improve student performance, and better identify at-risk students using LA. On the assessment front, researchers can explicate and potentially improve interrater reliability and objectivity on workplace-based assessments using LA. As a wrap-up, learners will establish a plan for using available data at their institutions as a part of an LA agenda that can be used to evaluate their course, program or college.

This workshop provides an educational introduction to the broad field of LA and an overview of LA in medical education, and serves as a platform for those researching and using LA to present their work to others and encourage cross-institutional research. Attendees’ understanding of LA, and attendees’ ability to use and assess LA through the development of LA-specific research skills and opportunities will be improved.


Mark Speicher