Full Name
Kimara Ellefson
National Director of Strategy and Partnerships
Kern National Network
As the national director of strategy and partnerships for the Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine (KNN), Kimara fosters long-term engagement with individuals and groups across the healthcare ecosystem and society. She also provides operational leadership for the KNN program office while helping to shape strategic plans for expanding the KNN’s work and influence. Kimara’s three-part leadership philosophy—put people first, seek to understand, and get to yes—supports strong relationships and inspires collaboration. Prior to her national director role, Kimara spent more than 20 years in a variety of other leadership roles, including interim vice president of human resources and faculty affairs at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Her expertise in relationship building and organizational development allowed her to play an integral part in shaping executive recruitment, talent acquisition, and staff and faculty development. Her visionary leadership and acumen also have helped position MCW as a national model for productive, cost-effective integration of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources. Kimara recently was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award, MCW’s highest honor, reflecting her ability to lead transformative institutional change in the academic medicine setting.

Her experiences and skills have earned Kimara national leadership roles with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Group on Faculty Affairs as an elected member of the National Steering Committee and as Chair of the Program Planning Subcommittee. Additionally, she co-authored a chapter in “Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine” and has shared strategies and presented nationally on salary equity, career development, and personal/professional thriving in the field of medicine.

Kimara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Business Administration, and she is currently pursuing her EdD. Ultimately, she endeavors to influence cultures and relationships through systems change in a way that helps all flourish.
Kimara Ellefson