Workshop: Experiential Learning for Remote and in-Person Classrooms
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Cheryl Wachenheim

The aim of this workshop is for participants to have the opportunity to try out active learning techniques designed for large classes and discuss and collectively overcome constraints to doing so. Research confirms the learning advantages associated with students being actively engaged, but those wishing to adopt active learning techniques may encounter constraints to doing so; for example, classrooms designed for passive learning and large class sizes. This workshop will demonstrate there are active learning techniques suitable for any class or classroom. Participants will learn three experiential techniques designed to engage students in the learning and teaching process. Each will be followed by a short discussion of the nuances of adopting a like technique in classrooms with particular constraints as identified by participants (e.g., remote environment, mixture of in-person and remote learners, physical classroom design; distracted learners). 

Specific activities include learning:

  • Goal setting and planning using the exercise of planning a bank robbery (agribusiness).
  • Mathematical application by estimating growth rate mathematically from curves (agronomy, ecology, animal sciences)
  • The role of feedback in communications through no-sight drawing exercises (agricultural communications)

Exercises will be conducted via the remote environment and participants within a learning group will be placed in separate rooms. Come prepared to participate.

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