Oral Session 2: Thoughtful Design of Application Exercises Using Principles of Backward Design: A Round Table Exercise
Date & Time
Monday, March 16, 2020, 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Are you excited about implementing TBL in your classrooms, but struggle with creating effective application exercises? Do you grapple with questions like “How do I create an exercise that addresses the significant problem I have identified? How do I effectively execute the “4S’s”? How do I ensure that they are prepared to solve the problem?” Join instructional designer, Kajal Madeka and veterinary pathology professor, Holly Bender in a round table discussion where they will share with you a methodology based on principles of Grant P. Wiggin's "backward design" and Dee Fink's Creating Significant Learning Experiences. This simplified step-by-step process has helped members of the 250 member Iowa State University TBL Faculty Learning Community learn how to design effective application exercises. This method will gently guide you through the process of design with a series of questions and answers, "mining your brain" as you build. Whether you like an approach using technology or a paper backup– stop by and give the method a try.