Full Name
Huda Tawfik
Central Michigan University
Professor of Pharmacology
Huda Tawfik, MD, PhD, is a professor of pharmacology and medical educator who works within the Foundational Sciences discipline of the CMU College of Medicine. She was previously employed by the Medical College of Georgia as a pharmacology and medical educator faculty. Dr. Tawfik has over ten years of experience in medical education and is the recipient of the Higher Education Teaching Certificate from the Derek BOK Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA. She was also awarded a one-year faculty development fellowship in medical education (theory and applications) from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University in the United States. Dr. Tawfik has developed and published clinical reasoning and value-based models, which she has implemented at her present college. Dr. Tawfik present research interests encompass the promotion of faculty development through the utilization of the TBL methodology.
Huda Tawfik