Full Name
Diana Langworthy
University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
Associate Professor
Dr. Diana Langworthy is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. She has been a practicing Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist for 13 years and has spent 9 of those years in academia. Her work with Team Based Learning started in 2011 when she began her academic career and she has gone on to receive her Fundamentals and Practitioners Certification in TBL. She uses TBL for a number of topics including Evidence Based Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Anticoagulation and has explored modifications to TBL to enhance the accessibility to this pedagogical technique. Dr. Langworthy also serves as the lead for her institutions TBL Users community of practice and now the chair for the TBL Workgroup to facilitate expansion of TBL at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.
Diana Langworthy