Full Name
Matthew Fete
Chicago State University, College of Health Sciences and Pharmacy
Dean, College of Health Sciences and Pharmacy
Matthew Fete is the Dean and a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chicago State University College of Health Sciences and Pharmacy. Dr. Fete received his BS in chemistry from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and earned his PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder where he taught chemistry courses for nearly 10 years.

Dr. Fete previously served at Regis University School of Pharmacy where he was a founding faculty member in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. During his tenure at Regis University, he also served as Interim Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Interim Dean of the School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Fete’s early career opportunities included employment as a research scientist at the University of Colorado where he focused on the synthesis of molecular inhibitors for targeting bacterial resistance mechanisms. He has been employed as a research scientist at Sierra Neuropharmaceuticals Inc., where he re-formulated known antipsychotic drugs for direct administration into a lateral ventricle of the human brain using medical device pumps. Dr. Fete was also employed as a research chemist at InPhase Technologies where he led projects focused on the synthesis, characterization, and purification of organic materials, monomers, and polymers for use in holographic storage.

Dr. Fete’s research interests include the synthesis of molecules to address antimicrobial resistance mechanisms and for targeting gene or drug-loaded lipoplexes to carcinogenic tumors. He has collaborated with colleagues and students to study the prevalence of FDA banned and discouraged use ingredients in over-the-counter supplements and he is also engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Dr. Fete’s effort to include students in scholarly activities has resulted in numerous student-authored presentations and publications culminating with three students earning recognition as prestigious Walmart Scholars by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

Dr. Fete is a faculty inductee of Phi Lambda Sigma, the National Pharmacy Leadership Society and an honorary inductee to the National Jesuit Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Nu. He is a graduate of the Ignatian Colleagues Leadership program, a program established by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities to develop individuals who are capable of and committed to assuming leadership and who work collaboratively to adapt to the future challenges of higher education.
Matthew Fete