Full Name
Mike Splaine
Cognitive Solutions LLC
Michael Splaine is known worldwide for bringing the real face of a problem into the policy arena to yield success with policy influencers.”
Mike Splaine is the owner and principal of Splaine Consulting, which he established after working on the public policy and advocacy staff of the Alzheimer’s Association for more than 20 years. He has been working in the field of health and long-term care since 1988, helping organizations achieve success in advocacy for health and long-term care issues. He combines his deep knowledge of policy and program development and management with his skills in public speaking, community organizing, adult education, media strategy, and public health communications. He is also CEO of a related firm, Cognitive Solutions, LLC, a specialized consultancy to healthcare providers focused on improvement of care for patients with cognitive impairment.

Presenting at conferences and panel discussions across the country, Mike has also traveled to Shanghai, China, Tokyo Japan, Istanbul Turkey, Prague in the Czech Republic and most recently, India, to share and educate on the issues related to those with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia and of caregivers all over the world.
Mike Splaine