Surveyor of the Year: Bill Orsinger

I nominated Bill Orsinger after a lot of hard thought. Too many times we see a group “automatically” awarding Surveyor-of-the-Year to the outgoing President. To me this cheapens the award while showing little thought for other deserving members and I’m proud to say this has never been a common practice of the WVSPS. But, 2020 was a whole new world for all of us. Bill took over after last year’s Convention and Covid-19 then proceeded to destroy existing socio-economics. It would have been easy to postpone the Board meetings and try to conduct inefficient phone discussions while complaining about the tough-times. But, I watched as Bill kept us together and, thankfully, we didn’t miss a beat. He immediately insisted on maintaining Board meetings via Zoom, when most of us hadn’t even used a computer video camera! He urged all of the chapters to continue meetings (via Zoom) and made sure they had the necessary technical assistance. He contacted education presenters and arranged video seminars to make PDH’s available for all surveyors. He worked hand-in- hand with everyone involved to guarantee that our 2021 Online Convention would be safe, economically viable and still be of great value to all surveyors. He also explored the financial world and was instrumental in obtaining a low-interest federal loan to help ensure the economic future of our Society. Surveyors are very conservative by nature and to me, he did what was necessary by dragging us, kicking-and-screaming, into the modern world of video media. Seldom do you get the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. Therefore, by him doing so much to propel the WVSPS forward, I feel this is the one time that our Society needs to agree: this outgoing President did a magnificent job and deserves to be Surveyor-of-the Year.

Quick Bio: lives and works in MD; licensed in WV, MD, PA, DE, VA and DC; over 15 year WVSPS member, Chapter Rep. and past-President of Eastern Panhandle Chapter; current survey manager of Greenway-Pedersen, Inc.

Future Surveyor: Ben Sturtevant

Benjamin Sturtevant is from Salem, West Virginia. He is currently attending Glenville State College pursuing an Associates degree in Land Surveying Technology and a Bachelors degree in Natural Resource Management. His future plans are to become a Licensed Surveyor and to pursue a career with Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Membership Awards

10 years

  • Richard Adams
  • Erik Baldwin
  • Kyle Cosner
  • Steve Losh
  • Robert Kundrick
  • Brian Kelvington
  • Bill Mossor

10 years cont.

  • Curtis Paxton
  • Bill Orsinger
  • Kerry Stauffer
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2019-2020 Board of Directors

Bill Orsinger

Stephen Caldwell

Past President
Bob Andriotto

Vice President
Jack Booda

Erik Baldwin

Rick Casteel

Victor Dawson

Roy Haught

Leon Mallow

Joshua Moody


Chapter of the Year

The Chapter of the Year is selected by the JulNet team. When choosing the chapter, we looked at prompt submission of meeting documentation and reporting of chapter activities, but we also looked at to their level of member engagement. 

This year’s Chapter of the year award goes to the Eastern Panhandle Chapter.