SEMINAR: The Dividing Line - A Synopsis of the 1785 Survey of the Harrison-Greenbrier County Line (2 PDH)
Date & Time
Thursday, February 9, 2023, 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Marshall Robinson

When Botetourt County was formed from Augusta County, VA (which took in almost all of what today is West Virginia) in 1769, the surveyor's surveying the boundary that divided it from Augusta County went "thence up said (Kerr's or Carr's) creek to the mountain, thence North 55 degrees West as far as the courts of the two counties shall extend it." This line extended across the state of West Virginia, but was never run until in 1785, the county courts of Harrison and Greenbrier Counties, successors to Augusta and Botetourt, appointed surveyors to rendezvous at "William Ewing's farm on Swago Creek" to run the Dividing Line. This seminar will review the history leading up to the survey, what we know of the survey itself, and its convoluted aftermath.

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Stonewall Resort
940 Resort Dr
Roanoke, WV 26447
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