EPC - "Walk on the Wild Side": History from the Wild Company of Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Date & Time
Friday, July 29, 2022, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
David Ingram

Starting in the 1920's the Wild Company of Heerbrugg, Switzerland, developed and produced some of the finest surveying instruments ever made and stayed in production into the 1980's.  The T2 was the standard for the practicing surveyor and the T3 & T4 were the world class standards for geodetic work.  Other common models including the T0, T1, & T16 were used by private surveyors, government agencies, and the military around the world.  Additionally the company produced other equipment such as subtense bars, levels, photogrammetric equipment, electronic distance measuring equipment, and many other useful tools to the surveyor and mapper of the mid-20th Century.  This workshop will review the history of the company, the development of the various instruments, and an examination of the instruments.  Examples of these instruments will be displayed & demonstrated and hands-on practical experience will be permitted.

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