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Judi Bradetich, University of North Texas

Speaker Bio

Judi Rockey Bradetich, MS, MM, is Senior Lecturer of Human Development and Family. She received the Master of Science in Development and Family Studies from UNT, in 2007, and has a Master's degree in Music (Accompanying) from the University of Southern California.

Ms. Bradetich is passionate about teaching and helping people learn, and feels her most important, challenging, and rewarding goal is to engage students in critical, practical, and reflective thinking about course content. She has been recognized for her efforts, first in 2012, when she received the Outstanding Lecturer Award from the College of Education, and in 2016, when she received the UNT Exemplary Online Teaching and Course Award.

In addition to teaching undergraduates in classes ranging in size from 20 to 135 students, Bradetich was named CLEAR's first Faculty Fellow, to promote the active learning strategies of Team-Based Learning (TBL) at UNT. She regularly advises large numbers of undergraduate students, serves on multiple committees at all levels of the University, and participates in professional development opportunities to improve course design and student engagement. Such work reflects her overall approach to her life's work: to improve herself and others through engagement, innovation, and hard work.

She has received grants from CLEAR and UNT’s Office of Faculty Success. She is certified as a Trainer-Consultant through the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, and has presented at national conferences. She has presented many workshops at UNT to teach and mentor other faculty as they implement Team-Based Learning in their courses.

Judi Bradetich
Chris Burns, California Health Sciences University

Speaker Bio

Dr. Burns is a leader developing new medical schools and implementing curriculum change with experience from five universities over the last decade. His mission is to prepare students for professional careers by promoting life-long learning and ensuring that clinical skills are based on underlying basic science knowledge. He serves as Chair of the IAMSE Student Professional Development Committee, Treasurer for the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, and mentors faculty in leadership and education certificate programs. He is also a healthcare provider delivering pre-hospital emergency care at special events, conferences, and festivals as an Advanced-EMT with Guardian Elite Medical Services in Las Vegas, NV.

Christopher Burns