Using Images in 4S application activities for (Remote) Art and Design Studio Course
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Migiwa Spiller

Even in an Art and Design studio, good listening and speaking skills are essential and getting students to verbalize their thoughts in small increments is key to the successful productive end-of-semester critiques. My current first-year students are coming from diverse backgrounds while in the midst of making enormous social adjustments, and a large percentage of them are international. Methods established in ESL/ ELL language support education will be used as a central component in this session to explore concepts and vocabulary to draw students out and get them talking. This session will share successes and experiments employing images for in-class 4S application activities. Collaborative practice between student teams is one way to scaffold vocabulary to build the student’s communication skills. Discussions will focus on the topic of listening and speaking in an internationalized foundation studio context, aiming to illuminate some key strategies and differentiated instruction methods arts educators can use to stay rooted in positive pedagogy. Since this will be a Zoom session, we will be engaging in activities using collaborative whiteboards such as Milanote and Mural.

1. Demonstrate the understanding of basic and fundamental 3-dimensional design principles.
2. Demonstrate the ability to use a common vocabulary to analyze, evaluate, reflect on, critique and present work to others.

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