TBLC Educational Development Workshop Series

TBL™ in Training and Workforce Development: A Translational Opportunity

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the continuing effort to develop best practices for translating high fidelity TBL™ into diverse workplace settings. TBL practitioners already work in public and private sectors, such as continuing medical education, executive development, and human services workforce development. The dissemination potential for TBL in workforce development is immense, where people undertake training throughout their occupational lives, in every imaginable sphere of work.

The workshop presenters are Liz Winter, Brian O’Dwyer, and Tom Jansen, who bring deep experience in translating TBL to diverse workforce settings.

Translational dimensions in workforce development include:

  • Diverse Cultures: Adapting to diverse workforce cultures which are distinct from academic cultures and from each other.
  • Inter-professional/occupational opportunities: For example, training multidisciplinary groups on trauma-informed workforce practices, such as public safety and firefighters.
  • Language: Adapting to talking the ‘right talk’, translating academy specific terms and concepts.
  • Accountability: Adapting accountability to job performance and specific workplace expectations.
  • Roles in Workforce Development: Adapting to work with those responsible for CQI, curriculum development, and curriculum delivery.

Preparation consists of case studies and participants will address issues outlined above using TBL™ applications.

This workshop supports the TBL™ for Training Community of Practice objectives, namely that TBL™ information be inclusive, relevant and accessible, by discovering how people are using TBL™ in training now, developing best practices for high fidelity TBL™ in training, and disseminating this best practice information.

Presented by:

Liz Winter
University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work
Clinical Assistant Professor

Tom Jansen
Boy Scouts of America
Scout Executive

Brian O'Dwyer

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
TBL™ in Training and Workforce Development: A Translational Opportunity10:00 AM - 12:00 PM