Shipping Information

All exhibiting materials being shipped to the conference hotel must arrive between June 7 and June 12 to avoid additional storage fees.

Please address your shipment as follows:

The UPS Store
ATTN: (IAMSE Conference/Client Name/Company Name)
1701 California St
Denver, CO 80202

Please contact us at let us know your shipping arrangements and how many boxes you will be shipping. We will alert the hotel of the details of your shipment including date of arrival, type of items, and the number of packages to expect. This will also help us find your shipment if there is a problem.

For Patron & Supporter Exhibitors
If you will be shipping items for IAMSE to include in registration packets, please add Julie Hewett in the attention line e.g. ATTN: IAMSE Conference / Company Name /Julie Hewett. We will need to be able to easily identify those packages.