Workshop: The Essentials of Moving to Online Team-Based Learning
Date & Time
Friday, June 18, 2021, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This workshop is designed for those who want an immediate understanding of the fundamental issues and solutions to implement online TBL™. It will assist those who wish to bring more rigor and active learning to their existing online instruction, as well as those who may be moving from in-person to online instruction using TBL™. Attendees need to have completed the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of Team-Based Learning™ Certificate or have prior experience using TBL™ as an instructor in the trainer consultant program. While Hybrid / HyFlex tools will not be specifically addressed, some parts of the workshop may be applicable for participants utilizing this delivery method.


  1. Integrate the three components of the course orientation process that assure learners’ understanding of the course processes, delivery, objectives and their responsibilities and expectations. 
  2. Determine the time frame for Preparation materials, RATs, and Application Exercises in your course.
  3. Identify where and how to implement iterative peer evaluation in online TBL™.
  4. Identify the essential elements for facilitation in online TBL™.
  5. Optimize the technology tools available to you that will best support your learners in successfully engaging in online TBL™.
Rebecca McCarter Michelle Moscova Caroline Wilson Liz Winter