Full Name
Rachel Porter
Assistant Professor/Senior Education Strategist
Duke University Physician Assistant Program
Dr. Rachel Porter is the Senior Education Strategist for the Duke Physician Assistant Program. She completed her PhD in Education Research and Policy Analysis at NCSU in 2013. She has over 20 years of instructional, curricular, and coaching experience across a variety of education settings. Dr. Porter joined the PA program in 2017 and is currently a medical instructor in the Duke Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Her professional interests include adult learning theory, teaching for equity, inclusion, and justice, and curriculum alignment methods. Having designed, managed, and delivered instruction to students as varied as Kindergartners, school superintendents, engineering faculty, doctoral students, and corrections inmates, Dr. Porter brings to her work a broad perspective and a passion for inclusive education. She is a co-coordinator of the Duke PA Program’s PA Practice and the Health System courses, in which JEDI topics are taught as required elements of the curriculum.
Rachel Porter