Full Name
Elisabeth Schlegel
Faculty Development
Zucker School of Medicine
Elisabeth FM Schlegel is an international trainer of clinician-educators and students, drawing from backgrounds of science, business, and pedagogy. Interested in interdisciplinarity and curious about how education and healthcare are intertwined she coaches science educators as well as students to try new teaching methodologies, develop and deploy educational curricula, or improve sections of already existing programs. Dr. Schlegel currently holds faculty positions as Associate Professor at the Zucker School of Medicine as well as Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University, NY, and develops and executes programs to support faculty in delivering basic science and clinical content across the continuum of undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education – face-to-face or online. Check out her medical education blog: http://elisabeth-fm-schlegel.weebly.com/elearning-bites!
As a member of IAMSE, she is a member of the Student Professional Development Committee SPDC that supports the leadership of young medical educators and students.
Elisabeth Schlegel