CANCELLED: PCW: Developing Student-Faculty SoTL Partnerships for Shared Purposes in Medical Education
Date & Time
Saturday, June 4, 2022, 12:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Ritvik Bhattacharjee Austin Reynolds Amberly Reynolds David Tram Yuan Zhao Brittany Burns

SoTL is a specialized research area that dives into systemic inquiry of student learning. Along with the scholarship of discovery, integration and application delineated in Boyer’s scholarship framework, the practice of SoTL has been around for some time. However, its recognition and implementation have not been as successful as the other three. Not all faculty are aware of this type of research and some may find it challenging to undertake pedagogical practice and integrate it into their daily teaching routines. On the other hand, students, the key stakeholders of learning, often play a passive role in SoTL research. For SoTL to be transactional, the students have to be included as final partners in this inquiry. Within highly evolving medical education, both faculty and students have ample opportunities to employ SoTL to better education and patient outcomes. Developing and implementing structure and framework for partnership among faculty and students regarding SoTL could benefit both stakeholders to achieve shared purposes in medical education. This workshop strives to provide an inclusive environment engaging in understanding SoTL and its applicability to medical education, how students and faculty can work together to form research, evidence-based teaching and learning practice, and educational opportunities based in SoTL. There will be focus on advancing all participants’ skills based in SoTL and guidance on gaining leadership skills as a medical educator, whether faculty or student, with actionable SoTL plans

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