CANCELLED Pre-Conference Course: Activating Professional Identity Formation Among Preclinical Educators: Active Learning as a Catalyst

The purpose of this course is to explore professional identity formation (PIF) of medical educators and leverage its continuous evolution to help educators' thrive within the changing landscape of medical education. Professional identity can play a large role in educators' adoption (or not) of educational innovation, including (but not limited to) the transition to active learning strategies. By deconstructing a 7-part framework of PIF, this course makes the continuous formation and re-formation of educators' identities more concrete; inviting reflection into participants' own experiences and discussion on the potential role for committees, leaders, and partner organizations in strengthening PIF across the mounting complexities in medical education. This course will deconstruct a 7-part framework of professional identity formation for educators. Starting with evidence-based understanding, participants will reflect and refine their own PIF and then begin to collectively identify opportunities to strengthen PIF across multiple spaces. The framework includes educators': appreciation for supporting student learning; connectedness; competence; commitment; future career trajectory; autonomy; and wellness/recognition (Snook, Schram, & Arnadottir, 2022).

Date & Time
Saturday, June 10, 2023, 12:15 PM - 3:15 PM