Oral Presentations - General/Other

Moderated by Deepak Sharma
Session Coordinator: Kerrie Lashley

Presentation 1 - Preemptive Team Building: Foundational Sciences Faculty Recruitment via Group In-Person Interviews    
Matthew McMillin    
Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) is opening a Temple regional campus (BCM-T) requiring recruitment of multiple foundational sciences faculty members. To fill these positions efficiently while promoting interaction between candidates and BCM faculty, group in-person interviews were utilized. We hypothesize that interviewing foundational sciences medical educators in a group setting will promote more successful formation of productive educator teams and require less resource utilization by BCM when compared to traditional individual faculty interviews.

The subject cohort comprises candidates for foundational faculty educators at BCM-T. Candidates were informed in advance that several interviewees would be present. Instructions to candidates also indicated that interviewees had differing areas of expertise, thus minimizing competitiveness between candidates. The itinerary for the group interviews consisted of candidates presenting a 30-minute teaching demonstration individually, meeting key stakeholders individually, and having social interactions with each other throughout the interview process at meals, pre-briefings, debriefings, and shared information sessions. Interview visits concluded with an opportunity for verbal feedback on the group-interview experience and the potential to complete a survey on this aspect of the interview.

Results include anecdotal candidate impressions and supervisor feedback from those responsible for hiring BCM-T faculty. Observed outcomes to date include positive feedback from candidates and the rapid formation of a functional BCM-T educator team since participants were already familiar with areas of expertise and individual strengths of team members. One challenge of this approach is the inability to collect information from interviewees that do not join the BCM-T faculty.

Group interviews provide an opportunity for BCM-T to build productive educator teams rapidly and efficiently. Consequently, we are incorporating this approach for future faculty recruitment and will collect additional outcome measures to better understand the benefits of this interview style going forward.s to better understand the benefits of this interview style going forward.

Presentation 2 - Associations Among Gender Identity, Interest in Primary Care, and Interest in Global Health Experiences    
Mark Hernandez   
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

The 2022 Main Residency Match witnessed a record number of US MD and DO senior applicants, as well as a record number of positions offered in primary care (PC). However, given the slight decline from the prior year in PC positions filled by US seniors, these results point to the seemingly intractable challenge of promoting students' interest in Primary Care residencies. The 2022 Match also heralded the waning of the global COVID19 pandemic, a phenomenon that heightened awareness of the importance of global health, and also curtailed medical students' study abroad experiences. This study explores the potential intersection of these two challenges by examining associations among: 1) interest in Primary Care residencies; 2) interest in global health activities, and; 3) demography.

We designed a survey administered to DO medical students during the first week of their academic year to gauge interest in global health and international medicine. The survey, administed to pre-clerkship students and 3rd-year clerkship students from 2019-2022, used ordinal scale items to explore their interest in PC residencies, their interest in global health and international travel, and their perceptions of how various factors might encourage / discourage their intent to participate in global health programs. To help ensure anonymity, the only demographic information asked for included gender identity and year of medical school. 

Analyses detected statistically significant associations among PC intent, interest in international travel, and gender identity. In particular, females showed higher interest in PC intent and international travel. Because data collection began before the pandemic, it is unclear the impact of Covid on the responses.

Global health activities may positively influence interest in PC. Understanding how these factors and gender identity are associated is pivotal toward preparing student physicians to serve in primary care settings.

Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
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MC - Acapulco