PCWS: Developing a Statement on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education

With the rapid onset and wide-ranging availability of natural language processing applications, it is becoming increasingly important to set clear expectations for learners and employees on the appropriate and ethical use of AI in the setting of medical education. Without careful expectations set on its use, AI can be, at its worst, a disruptive, trust-breaking technology. But with planning and a thoughtful approach, natural language processing can be a useful tool to be incorporated into workflows and brainstorming sessions within medical education. Degree-granting institutions are beginning to publish statements on the use of AI to set clear boundaries and expectations of transparency for their communities. Health science degree-granting institutions have a responsibility to educate their students and employees on appropriate and ethical use of AI and to provide clear expectations. One step towards this goal is to incorporate a statement on the use of AI into syllabi or handbooks at the institutional level.

The purpose of this proposed workshop is to expand participants' knowledge and experience with natural language processing and explore application of these technologies in the context of medical education. Through discussion on applications and ethical considerations, our goal includes to create statements on the use of AI that can be modified for use appropriate to the culture at the participant's home institution in syllabi, handbooks, or other published materials. Further, we hope to share resources and discuss innovations, including strengths and challenges, in adapting natural language processing for appropriate and ethical use in medical education and institutions.

Date & Time
Saturday, June 15, 2024, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM