Full Name
Ennid Duran Gonzalez
Director Of Faculty Development
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara AC
Dr. Ennid Duran, Director of Faculty Development and Engagement is a strategic leader focused on enhancing the professional growth and effectiveness of academic faculty. Dr. Ennid Duran is an Occupational Health doctor and a Professor at the UAG International School of Medicine. With expertise in education and organizational development, she designs and implements programs to advance teaching skills, curriculum design, and faculty development. Dr. Duran possesses a strong leadership skillset, is capable of creating and developing cross-functional teams, excels in data analysis and fast decision-making, has a talent for problem-solving in resource management, and has a results-oriented approach. She plays a pivotal role in creating a supportive environment, facilitating ongoing learning opportunities, and ensuring that faculty members are equipped with the skills and resources needed for excellence in teaching, and academic leadership.
Ennid Duran Gonzalez