Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I obtain the pre-readings?
Answer: Pre-readings will be sent to you the week prior to the start of the meeting. If you do not receive your pre-readings, please contact
Question: How do I use InteDashboard?
Check out the full guide for how to use InteDashboard below.
Question: Why am I not getting the correct rate when registering?
Answer: Your membership may be listed under a different email address than the one you are trying to use to register. Check and make sure that you are using the same email address for both. If you are still having issues, please contact
Question: I can only attend part of the conference – do I still have to pay for the whole conference?
Yes, you must pay the full registration fee even if you can only attend part of the sessions.
Question: Do I need to download anything to access my sessions?
All sessions during the virtual conference will be run via Zoom. If you don't already have the zoom application downloaded, you can get it here. We recommend doing this in advance of the sessions.
Question: How do I join my sessions?
Answer: You'll need to access the Event Hub to join your sessions each day. Once you're logged in to the Event Hub, you can click the buttons on the schedule to join each session you signed up for.
Question: Can I switch sessions after I’ve registered?
Answer: Yes, you can switch sessions after you have registered. To modify your registration please CLICK HERE
Question: What’s the cancellation policy?
Answer: Your registration fee, less a $100 US administrative fee, will be refunded when the TBLC Office receives written notification before March 15, 2022. Substitutions can be made. Refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis after March 15, 2022. No refunds will be made after April 1, 2022.
Question: How do I obtain my receipt?
Answer: Once you've completed your registration, you can click the "Invoice" button on the final page. If you completed your registration previously, you can click "Modify Registration" at the bottom of this page and click the "Invoice" button on the final page. You can also request one directly from the TBLC team by contacting
Question: Will I be on video?
You will have the ability to turn your camera on or off throughout the sessions, but we ask that you keep yourself muted unless otherwise instructed by presenters. The business meeting will have the ability for you to turn your camera on as well. That being said, we'll be taking all questions and conversation from the chat box. Leaving your video off may help not only your connection, but make the session run more smoothly for everyone.

How to Use InteDashboard

As part of the 2022 Virtual Meeting, we will be utilizing the InteDashboard platform for our TBL workshop sessions. Whether you teach with InteDashboard on a regular basis, or this is your first foray with the service, here are some helpful and necessary tips to make your experience go as smoothly as possible.

A TBLC administrator will be present at each workshop to help answer any questions or give technical support.

  1. Go to the EventHub and find your sessions.
  2. Each session will have two links: View Session, which is the link to Zoom classroom, and a link to get into the InteDashboard platform, where the materials like the iRAT, tRAT, gallery walk, etc. will be stored. 
  3. Follow the link to the InteDashboard platform ahead of time to get yourself added to that session. 
  4. When it is time to begin the workshop, click View Session. This will open a new window into the Zoom classroom. 
  5. When you have joined the Zoom classroom, follow the InteDashboard link to view materials and take RATs in real time. 

Need more info? Read the full participants guide here.

How to take an iRAT & tRAT in InteDashboard