Convention FAQs

1. Why did I not receive the member rate when I tried to register?
  • It’s possible we haven’t yet received your membership dues. If you sent your dues but your account isn’t reflecting this, check with the WVSPS office at
  • You may also be registering with a different email address than what we have on file. The system will not recognize you as an active member. Be sure to use the *same* email address for your registration that you have registered with your WVSPS membership.
2. What is the hotel room rate?
  • The room rate is $89.99 per night. To make reservations, please call the Flatwoods Days Inn & Suites at (304) 765-5055. 
3. What is the cancellation policy?
Your registration fee, less a $100 US administrative fee, will be refunded when the WVSPS Business Office receives written notification before January 1, 2019. Substitutions can be made. No refunds will be made after February 1, 2019.

4. Where can I get the handouts?
•    All of the handouts will be made available to you for free as PDFs and will be emailed to you two weeks before the convention. We strongly advise that you download them before arriving at the hotel as the wifi can be unreliable. If you would like printed handouts they will be provided for an additional fee that you can purchase as part of your registration. They must be pre-purchased and will not be available on-site unless pre-ordered.
5. What does the guest fee include?
•    The guest fee includes all meal functions for the duration of the convention.
6. Are meals included with my registration?
•    Yes, all meals and breaks are included with your registration fee.
7. Can my guest attend sessions?
•    No. Your guest may only attend sessions if they pay the full registration rate. The guest fee only covers the cost of meals.
9. Can I switch seminars after I’ve registered?
•    Yes, once you have registered, you are able to switch sessions unless the session has reached full capacity.
10. What is the Map Contest deadline?
•    All maps must be post-marked by January 4th, 2019 to be considered. If you are interested in entering a map into the contest, please visit here
11. What sessions did I sign up for?
•    Your schedule is listed in the confirmation email you received after registering online. It will also be printed and provided to you when you arrive on-site.
12. I can only attend half of [Thursday/Friday/Saturday] – Do I still need to pay the entire fee?
•    Yes, you must pay the full price even if you only intend to stay part of the day.
14. How much is the guest fee?
•    The guest fee is $35.00.
15. Do you share my email address with exhibitors?
•    No, we do not give out contact information to exhibitors without express permission.
16. What is the Hospitality Suite and who can attend?
•    The Hospitality Suite is hosted every evening from 8:00pm - 11:00pm in the Bridgeport room on the second floor of the hotel. Come and enjoy some networking with snacks and free drinks. Only attendees 21 years of age and older may attend the Hospitality Suite.
17. How can I request an invoice/receipt/refund?
•    You can request an invoice completing your registration and clicking the "invoice" button on the final page. You can also request one directly from the wvsps office by emailing