Roundtable/Panel Discussion - Anti-Oppression in Healthcare Education
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
9:30 PM - 10:30 PM (EST)

According to the Anti-Oppression Network, oppression is defined as “the use of power to disempower, marginalize, silence or otherwise subordinate one social group or category, often in order to further empower and/or privilege the oppressor.” Oppression takes many forms including colonialism, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, and ableism, among others. It can result in an array of harmful consequences ranging from outright physical harm and death to unfair treatment, emotional trauma, and the denial or limitation of power, influence, resources, agency, and dignity. Is health science education neutral, or does it include oppressive practices? How can we as health science educators identify and rectify forms of oppression in our current educational systems? Please join this important discussion in which a panel of speakers will (1) address various forms of oppression in healthcare education and (2) identify practical strategies to dismantle these systems of oppression, create the anti-oppressive education that our learners deserve, and model anti-oppressive practice for our future healthcare professionals.