Team-Based Learning to Develop Leadership Competency for Communicating Across Cultures and Working in Multicultural Teams
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Annelise Ly Judith Ainsworth

Future global leaders need to develop global leadership competencies (GLC) to tackle the complexities of globalization, not just to learn about them. To meet this challenge, this workshop aims to develop GLC using a Team-Based Learning (TBL) cross-cultural negotiation activity to help future global leaders successfully collaborate with, motivate and lead people in international settings and from different cultures. This workshop aims to help participants practice (1) their ability to understand and describe their own views of the world, how they relate to others and to question the way they act; and (2) their ability to communicate effectively and work in multicultural teams, an essential competency for global leaders.  When registering, participants will include background information and international experience to enable us to create heterogenous, multicultural teams of five.  They will receive: 1. readings on negotiation and cross-cultural communication 2. role assignment for the simulation application (Alpha, Beta or Observer) 3. simulation common info  The workshop will start with an iRAT based on the readings.  Aligned with the 4S structure, participants will receive confidential information and worksheets for their role to carry out the application in breakout rooms.  The observer will take notes during the role-play.  After 25 minutes, participants will stop negotiating whether they have reached an agreement or not and will then have a 15-minute debrief with the observer.  They will reflect both on communication issues and working in multicultural teams.  Teams will then re-join the main room for simultaneous report, feedback and discussion.  We will conclude with a discussion on the use of this activity to foster GLC in a TBL environment and suggestions for improvement.  The workshop showcases an effective instruction method that offers a clearly defined set of practices for instructors to implement an innovative, student-centred activity where students practise, reflect and develop their GLC. 

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