• Question: I am registered to attend in person. What will happen to my registration fee?
    • Answer: All attendees registered to attend on-site will have their fees reduced to the virtual only registration price ($150.00). The difference will be refunded back to you.
  • Question: I am scheduled to present an oral/poster/workshop. When do I present virtually?
    • Answer: If you are an oral (on Tuesday or Thursday) or a workshop presenter you will still present at your previously scheduled time. Poster presentations will no longer have a live presentation.
      NOTE: Wednesday oral presentations will be rescheduled. We will  notify everyone as soon as possible
  • Question: How do I join the sessions?
    • Answer: You'll need to access the Event Hub to join your sessions each day. Once you're logged in to the Event Hub, you can click the buttons on the schedule to join each session you signed up for.
  • Question: What do I do about my flight/hotel/rental car reservations?
    • Answer: If you have made flight, hotel or rental car reservations for your trip to Wooster, we encourage you to cancel those reservations immediately. Please refer to your individual reservation regarding specific cancelation policies and refunds in the event of a natural disaster affecting the destination.
  • Question: I can only attend part of the conference – do I still have to pay for the whole conference?
    • Answer: Yes, you must pay the full registration fee even if you can only attend part of the day.