Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did I not receive the member rate when I tried to register?

  • It’s possible we haven’t yet received your membership dues. If you sent your dues but your registration rate isn’t reflecting this, check with the WVSPS office at If you have not yet sent your dues, you can renew your membership here.
  • You may also be registering with a different email address than what we have on file. The system will not recognize you as an active member. Be sure to use the *same* email address for your registration that you have registered with your WVSPS membership.

2. I'm a member of an out of state society. How do I receive the WVSPS member rate?

  • If you are a member of another state society, you can receive the WVSPS member rate by providing some proof of your current membership to our Admin office. Examples include a copy of your membership card or a receipt of payment for dues. Contact our offices to provide this information at

3. What is the cancellation policy?

  • Your registration fee, less a $100 US administrative fee, will be refunded when the WVSPS Business Office receives written notification before January 15, 2021. Substitutions can be made. No refunds will be made after February 1, 2021.

5. Where can I get the handouts?

  • All of the handouts will be made available to you for free as PDFs and will be emailed to you two weeks before the convention. 

6. Can I switch seminars after I’ve registered?

  • Yes, once you have registered, you are able to switch sessions by going back to the convention homepage and clicking the "Modify registration" button. 

7. Is there a Map Contest this year?

  • The 2021 Map contest will be taking place separately from the Convention this year. Keep an eye on your email for the official announcement.

8. What seminars did I sign up for?

  • Your schedule is listed in the confirmation email you received after registering online. Your agenda only shows sessions you're registered for, so if something's missing you may not have selected it when you registered. You can add it by modifying your registration here. If it still doesn't appear reach out to us via email at
  • You will need to enter your email address and password you set up during registration to modify your registration. If you do not remember your registration password, please Reset your password here.

9. I can only attend half of [Thursday/Friday/Saturday] – Do I still need to pay the entire fee?

  • Yes, you must pay the full price even if you only intend to attend some of the sessions. We do not currently offer half-day rates.

10. Do you share my email address with exhibitors?

  • No, we do not give out contact information to exhibitors without your express permission.

11. How can I request an invoice/receipt/refund?

  • You can request an invoice completing your registration and clicking the "invoice" button on the final page. You can also request one directly from the WVSPS Admin office by emailing

12. How will I receive my PDHs for attending seminars?

  • You will be sent PDF copies of your PDHs after conclusion of the convention by the WVSPS Admin Office after your attendance has been verified.

13. How do I access the seminars?

  • You'll need to access the Event Hub to join your sessions each day. Once you're logged in to the Event Hub, you can click the buttons on the schedule to join each session you signed up for.

14. Do I need to download anything to access my sessions?

  • All sessions during the virtual conference will be run via Zoom. If you don't already have the zoom application downloaded, you can get it here. We recommend doing this in advance of the sessions.

15. Do I need a webcam or microphone? 

  • While a camera or mic are not necessary it will certainly help you engage more fully. That being said, we'll be taking all questions and conversation from the chat box. Leaving your video off may help not only your connection, but make the session run more smoothly for everyone.

16. Will seminars be recorded?

  • Yes, we will be recording seminars unless prohibited by the speaker.

17. My friend / colleague / boss wants to join. Can I share my link?

  • While we'd love to have them, they will need to register for the event in order to access the session, even if you share the link directly. The virtual conference is open to anyone, so feel free to have them register here


If you have other questions not covered above, please feel free to contact our Admin Team at