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Yes, you must pay the full registration fee even if you can only attend part of the sessions.

The registration fees in USD are as follows:

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Mini Workshop
Mini Workshops should address topics with high-interest potential to the ASPBP community, and foster active engagement of the participants. Participants should be able to take home specific knowledge and skills. Mini Workshops should be designed with a small group in mind, without the ability to form breakout groups. 

Short Research Presentation
This Poster Presentation will combine the traditional one-page poster, with a 3-minute pre-recorded audio tour of your poster. The pre-recorded audio tour will be requested at a later date. During the virtual poster session, you will be assigned to a breakout room where meeting participants can join you to discuss your work, or ask questions. Our hope is that you will have an interactive environment to discuss your scholarly work and answer questions for participants who have already watched your 3-minute poster presentation. 

Exceptional submissions may be provided an opportunity to present their findings during a short oral presentation (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions).

Roundtable Discussion/Problem-Solving Session
Round Table Discussions are guided by a topic or case with a set of discussion triggers, while Problem-solving Sessions are an opportunity to present a problem/challenge/issue you have encountered in your ASPBP program, with a set of discussion triggers that can foster a collaborative effort to find a solution during the session. 

These sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes. The presenter(s) will introduce the topic for approximately 10 minutes, while the rest of the time should be dedicated to informal discussion and/or problem solving. These sessions are not intended to have a formal presentation with a slide deck but could utilize a shared whiteboard or other collaborative tool. This is an opportunity for networking and engagement amongst the attendees.

Program Description
Program Description presenters will develop posters to share information about their program with the larger ASPBP community. The goal of the Program Descriptions session is to allow ASPBP members to exchange ideas and insight on pathway programming work. Content may include lessons learned related to the program such as innovations & best practices, target student populations, etc. As the community surrounding pathway programs and bridges continues to grow, learning what other programs are doing and finding a sense of community in the work of others is incredibly valuable. This submission category does not require a research component.

Panel Discussion
Panel will consist of 5 to 6 individuals currently directing, organizing, running or otherwise involved in pathway programs including as a student or former student. Panels representing multiple institutions will be favored in the selection process. These sessions will allow a panel of experts to answer audience questions about a specific topic. Panel members will introduce themselves briefly including their relevant background and expertise. After introductions a conference moderator will begin asking questions of the panel members before facilitating audience member questions. Please have a single member of the panel complete the submission process.

No, the conference will be ran by an in-browser platform called Gather Town. No downloading necessary!

You will join your sessions through Gather Town. To learn more about the platform, please visit the venue page by clicking here

Your registration fee will be refunded when the ASPBP Office receives written notification before September 1, 2023. Substitutions can be made. Refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis after September 1, 2023. No refunds will be made after September 15, 2023.

Once you've completed your registration, you can click the "Invoice" button on the final page. If you completed your registration previously, you can click "Modify Registration" at the bottom of this page and click the "Invoice" button on the final page. You can also request one directly from the ASPBP team by contacting

You will have the ability to turn your camera on or off throughout the sessions and we encourage you to keep them on throughout the conference. Our conference platform was chosen to make our virtual conference more interactive! As a note, leaving your video off may help your connection, if you are having any issues.

Posters are currently available in Gather Town. Click here to learn more! 

*Only registered attendees will be able to access the platform

Absolutely! If you click here, you can change the preferred time zone for all the schedule listings on the Virtual Forum website.