Poster Topic: Curriculum

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201 - Stop the Bleed and Start Working with Interprofessional Health Students

Amy Stickford Becker
UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

202 - Thinking Outside The Square In Cultivating Interprofessional Professionalism In Optometry

Kwang Meng Cham
The University of Melbourne

203 - Leadership For Medical Students Curriculum Development Using Design Thinking And Student Co-creator

Alexa Lisevick
Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine

204 - A culinary medicine elective course incorporating lifestyle medicine for medical students

Kelsey Scherer
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

205 - Original Research based Curriculum in a Physician Assistant Program

Shinu Kuriakose
New York Institute of Technology

206 - Effective Process Applied To New Course Development

Mari Hopper
Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

207 - Diet Quality Among First-Year Osteopathic Medical Students

Sarah Holzmann
California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine

208 - The Influence of Institutional Trust on the Academic Decisions of Medical Students

Promise Bood
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

209 - Research Mentorship in Medical Education

Alberto Musto
Eastern Virginia Medical School

210 - Discovery Learning Program: Providing Global And Local Learning Opportunities To First Year Medical Students

Olivia Campos Coiado
Carle Illinois College of Medicine

211 - Building Students' Cultural Competency Through a Medical Spanish Program with Service Learning and Community Engagement Components

Kristen Dodenhoff
Wake Forest School of Medicine

212 - AWARD NOMINEE - Pre-clinical Vaccine Module to Increase Learner Proficiency With Evaluating Vaccine Research and Strengthen the Clinician-patient Vaccine Conversation

Michelle Demory Beckler
Nova Southeastern University

213 - The Impact of Prior Healthcare Employment on First-Year Medical Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Opioid Use Disorder

Lauren Culver
Wayne State University School of Medicine

214 - Establishing a Mentoring Program for Health Science Educators in a New Medical School

Beatriz Tapia
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley SOM

215 - A Mixed Methods Exploration of Factors that Influence Student Participation in Optional Formative Review Quizzes

Jessica Jones
Georgetown University School of Medicine

216 - A Well-designed Ultrasound Elective Complementing the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

Kenneth Leung
Carle Illinois College of Medicine

217 - Anatomical Sciences Teaching Elective: a Fourth-year Longitudinal Elective That Provides Teaching Opportunities for Graduating Medical Students

Dj Lowrie
University of Cincinnati

218 - Connecting Biochemistry Knowledge to Patient Care: a Qualitative Study of Fourth-year Medical Students' Perceptions

Tracy Fulton

219 - Student Perceptions of a Medical Curriculum With Full Temporal Integration of Foundational Science and Clinical Skills Training: a Phenomenographic Study

Judy Aronson
University of Texas Medical Branch, John Sealy SOM

220 - The Transition From Lecture-based to Student-centered Medical School Curricula in the Pre-clinical Years

Joshua Burshtein
Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

221 - AWARD NOMINEE - Student Engagement in the CQI Process: How Using Kotter's Eight-Step Model Led to a Course Improvement

Bailey MacInnis
Carle Illinois College of Medicine

223 - Development of a Longitudinal M4 Elective in Biological Rhythms and Medicine: From Bench to Bedside

Lauren Fowler
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

224 - An Early Intervention, Case-based Learning Approach to LGBTQ+ Senior Health Equity for Medical Students

Chasity O'Malley
Nova Southeastern University

225 - The Effect of Drawing Microbiology Concepts on Short-Term Retention Before and After Interrupted Learning

Robert Waters
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

226 - Characteristics of Early Learners in Medical School

Alisa Illescas

227 - A Course in Medical Facilitation: Fostering the Professional Growth of Healthcare Students

Hira Qureshi
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

228 - The Impact of a Modified Y Block to Trainee Education, Productivity, Patient Care, and Board Passing

Bhanu Chaganti
Texas Tech University Medical Center

229 - Students and Faculty Collaborate Virtually to Restructure Medical Student Research

Hannah Saven
SUNY Downstate Health Science University

230 - Starting medical school remotely? Exam performance & student perceptions.

Marieke Kruidering
University of California San Francisco

231 - Preclinical Medical Student Expectations of Active Participation in Research

Martin Schmidt
Des Moines University

232 - Challenges in the Development of a Distance Learning Contingency Plan for an International Medical Clerkship Rotation

Melinda Ledbetter
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

233 - An Exploration of the Relationship Between Four Cohorts of Medical Students' Decisisons About Cadaver Naming and Their Dissection-based Anatomy Course Experience

Anna Sharabura
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

234 - A Comprehensive Students-as-teachers Program: Developing and Empowering Future Medical Educators

Deborah Barry
University of Virginia

235 - Internalization of the Professional Values

Shima Tabatabai
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran.

236 - An Integrated, Longitudinal Health Equity Curriculum to Prepare Socially Responsible Healthcare Practitioners

Rupa Lalchandani Tuan
University of California, San Francisco

237 - AWARD NOMINEE - Evaluating Educational Outcomes Across Preclinical and Clerkship Years of Medical School Analgesic and Opioid Educational Activities

Jake Bentley
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

238 - Fostering the Development of Health Professions Education Scholars through Collaborative Learning & Practice

Maria Rudd
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

239 - A Teamwork Approach to Compiling a Review Paper on COVID-19 Experimental Technologies

Md Shahnoor Amin
Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

240 - A Step Towards Change: Integrating Health Systems Science Into Fourth Year of Medical School

Sarah Siddiqui
University of Texas Medical Branch

241 - A Summer Research Curriculum to Cultivate Medical Student Research

Jonathan Murrow
Augusta University - University of Georgia Medical Partnership

242 - Interdisciplinary Challenge Based Learning for healthcare programs

Silvia Olivares Olivares
Tecnológico de Monterrey

243 - AWARD NOMINEE - Are You Ready?: Assessing Educational Needs for the Genomic Era of Medicine

Matthew Ryan

244 - Reimagining the Use of Human Patient Simulator: a Bridging Tool Between Science Learning and Its Applications to the Clinical Environment in Medical Education

Dr Elizabeth Prabhakar
Brunel University London

245 - Assessment of Clinician and Student Perceptions of the Importance of Embryology in the Medical Curriculum

Zachary Bennett
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

246 - Mapping of the Medical Undergraduate Curriculum at the University of Zimbabwe

Shalote Chipamaunga
University of Zimbabwe

247 - Opportunity for Students to Improve Medical Knowledge and Receive Faculty Feedback in an Emergency Remote Setting

Nina Kumar
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

248 - Comparing Educational Equivalency of International Clinical Rotations

Nicole Dettmann
MCPHS University

249 - Medical Students' Perceptions Regarding USMLE Step 1 Study Resources

Cheryl Vasan
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

250 - Perceptions of Leadership and Professionalism Values Among Medical Students in Gross Anatomy Dissection

Tanner Stumpe
Medical College of Georgia

251 - Assessment of First Year Medical Students' Cognitive Learning Strategies of the Cranial Nerves

Shahar Laks
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

252 - The Process of Creating New Curricular Content Through Faculty-student Feedback and Negotiations

Paul Chastain
Univ of Ill School of Medicine

253 - Applying Content Analysis for Development of Professionalism Curriculum

Mary Manis
Sam Houston State University

254 - Elevating the Voices: Incorporating Multiple Narratives in the Study of Disease in a Gastrointestinal and Nutrition Second-year Medical Course

April Hatcher
University of Kentucky

255 - Steps on Establishing a Faculty Development Curriculum for Health Science Educators in a New Medical School

Karina Madrigal