About the ASPBP Program at the IAMSE Conference

The Association of STEMM Pathway and Bridge Programs (ASPBP) is asking for volunteers to assist them in their community Town Hall during the IAMSE 2024 Conference. ASPBP host a town hall prior to the IAMSE Conference to identify the needs of the local community in Minneapolis. Topics identified from this meeting will inform the design of the round table discussions during the conference. High school students, teachers, and administrators will then be invited to the IAMSE Conference where they can take part in science outreach activities, learn about pathway programming in ASPBP's Central Region, meet medical sciences students, and engage in open forums with members of IAMSE and ASPBP.


Who is ASPBP?
The ASPBP originally existed as the Pathway Programs and Bridges (PPB) Special Interest Group (SIG) within the Southern Group on Educational Affairs (SGEA). In 2022, ASPBP separated from the PPB SIG to serve a broader group of individuals and organizations outside of the SGEA. These individuals and organizations represent more than just allopathic medical schools located in the southern region of the AAMC, and they are more broadly focused on STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine), rather than only medicine.

The ASPBP believes that justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential for STEMM to be successful, and strategies to increase these principles should be rooted in evidence-driven practices. ASPBP values cooperation and teamwork as crucial to solving complex problems.

The ASPBP envisions a community of practice that strives for a world in which STEMM professionals are as diverse as the populations they serve, allowing the various needs of a multicultural society to be identified, understood, and addressed and ensuring health for all.

As a vibrant and supportive community of practice, we will develop best practices needed to achieve inclusivity and equity across the continuum of education. We will provide mentorship and support to develop and implement pathway programs and bridges for students to succeed in STEMM careers. Consistent with our values and vision, we will advocate for systemic change that espouses justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all learning spaces and institutions. We will act in solidarity with professional organizations and other communities of practice to advance and lead evidence-based objectives to transform the biomedical workforce for the benefit of the human condition.


When will the Town Hall and Roundtable Discussions take place?
The Town Hall will be in March of 2024 and the Roundtable Discussions will be during pre-conference workshops. If you do decide to volunteer, please keep that schedule conflict in mind. 


How do I volunteer to help?
You can help by volunteering during your Conference registration! You will be asked If you would like to volunteer to help with the ASPBP program during the Conference. Volunteers will be contacted with further details at a later date. 


Will there be any other ASPBP events during the IAMSE 2024 Conference?
ASPBP will have a table available during the morning roundtable discussions and will also have an exhibit table during the Conference. 


What are the objectives of the collaboration between ASPBP and IAMSE?
"While IAMSE focuses on medical science education and teacher development specifically within the healthcare domain, the broader scope of ASPBP encompasses diversifying STEMM fields, aligning with IAMSE's values of inclusivity, diversity, and commitment to excellence in education. In essence, ASPBP inspires and recruits future health sciences students and IAMSE focuses improving their training by developing skilled and inclusive instructors. Based on these common ideals, the ASPBP leadership team suggest developing sustained partnership between the two organizations, to be initiated at the 2024 Annual IAMSE Conference. Our long-term goal is to foster collaboration and scholarship between IAMSE and ASPBP, focusing scholarly output, professional development, and community service."