Go Green With IAMSE!

What is IAMSE doing to be more sustainable for the 2024 Conference?
Here are a few things that IAMSE is doing to have a greener conference:

  • Allowing attendees the option to not have a printed program book to reduce paper waste
  • Utilizing vendors that have sustainability plans as a part of their company policies
  • Reducing the amount of materials that we order and ship to the conference venue
  • Recycling name tag holders and collecting lanyards at the conclusion of the conference
  • Reducing single-use items such as coffee cups at our beverage stations
  • Ensuring recycling options are available throughout the conference venue

What can I do to help to reduce my carbon footprint during the IAMSE Conference?
For a start, you can take our sustainability pledge, located in the registration path. The pledge reads:

"I pledge to utilize the sustainability options available to me during the IAMSE 2024 Conference. I pledge to make sustainable choices, such as using recycling where available or bringing my own reusable water bottle. I take this pledge in an effort to aid the IAMSE Conference to achieve the Sustainability & Social Impact Foundations Certification based on the Sustainable Events Standards set by the Events Industry Council. I pledge to go green with IAMSE!"

If you do decide to take the pledge, we will remind you two weeks prior to the conference to bring any materials that you pledged that you would use. Other actions that we encourage our attendees to take include:

  • Coordinating your travel plans with colleagues from the same area or university. This will also be a great opportunity to network! Coordination ideas include:
    • Carpooling
    • Having the same flight itinerary
    • Using public transport or a rideshare program from the airport to the hotel
  • Bringing your own reusable water bottle and/or coffee travel mug
  • Bringing your own lanyard for your name tag holder
  • Bringing reusable utensils and/or straws and opting out of using single-use utensils
  • Bringing your own toiletries rather than using those that the hotel has provided
  • Using public transportation or rideshare programs with carpooling options
  • Returning your name tag holder and/or lanyard to the registration desk before you leave the conference
  • Recycling your unneeded conference materials once you are done with them
  • Encouraging your colleagues to do the same!

The more of our attendees that participate in this effort, the more strategies we will be able to implement. We hope that you decide to join us in our sustainability efforts and that you Go Green with IAMSE!

What about the "Social Impact" portion of the Sustainable Events Standards?
IAMSE is also increasing their efforts to have a positive social impact. Here are a few things IAMSE is doing:

  • Providing accessibility and inclusion information on the conference website (more info coming soon!)
  • Providing emergency situation protocols on the conference website (more info coming soon!)
  • Ensuring members of the IAMSE Admin Team are versed in inclusive language and etiquette
  • And more to come!

IAMSE is taking steps to become a more sustainable and socially impactful conference year after year and we hope our attendees will support our goals.